We Set Out to Build a
Better Solar Charger


We wanted outdoor enthusiasts to have access to a solar charger that worked like an off-grid solar power system.

This is the result of our expedition.


Your Best Device Companion

Solar Power yourself independently while you explore.

Camp longer, hike and hunt safer. You’ll never miss a mountaintop selfie or step away from the grill again.




Affordable Solar Power solutions

The mini SunCharger is a tool to make power while you’re busy achieving your dreams. This simple system charges itself silently with the natural fuel provided by the sun. It serves as an efficient way to keep your essentials charged while you roam free of the power grid.

Trail Charger (best solar charger for backpacking)
Affordable Solar Power solutions

mini SunCharger

Recharges your devices out of the clear blue sky.

A self-charging power bank.

Simply unfold the solar panels leaving them to sunbathe and store power for later.

A complete all-in-one solar charger made rugged and powerful enough for your next great adventure.



solar for camping

Add More Power 

Another 10,000 mAh for Day Use

Originally created with two power banks to give the best solar camping experience.

With two you can use one on the trail while the other suncharges at camp.



solar for camping

Happy Camper Accessory Pack

Your expedition will be lit with all these great USB accessories

Complete your system with this mini backpack loaded with USB gear designed to improve your solar camping experience


Check Out Our Bundle Deals:

S.O.L. Survivor Pack

best mini solar charger

 Bundle all three for an effective solar survival pack.

✔ mini SunCharger

✔ Extra Powerbank

✔ Happy Camper Pack




Our Mission: Provide top-quality solar power systems and unbeatable services catered to your outdoor lifestyle. 

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We honor a 1 year “no questions asked” exchange or refund on request.

We offer deals as often as we can in our commitment to bring people high-quality off-grid solar power systems relevant to their lives.

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