mini SunCharger™


Power yourself independently with this rugged solar USB charging solution. A complete solar charger that folds into your pocket

  • 6 Watt folding panels
  • 10,000 mah power cell
  • 2.1 Amp USB output
  • Rugged thermal PVC material
  • LED Light
  • SunCharging Guide

You’ll be able to relax and recharge on the trail: never missing the perfect picture or losing your trail maps to a dead phone again.

A mini SunCharger is a real hero when it comes to staying connected in emergencies.

Keep yourself powered wherever the sun shines with a mini SunCharger.

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We set out to build the better solar charger, we perfected the power bank giving outdoor enthusiasts, sportsmen, and survivalists a toll to can reliably keep devices full.

The Power bank Perfected - The thin 10,000 mAh power bank fits in your back pocket with your phone while it fast charges.

Built for Real Life -  Lightweight with rainproof coating and a dense heat resistant shell.

Designed for Camping - The only modular USB solar charger allowing you to use a power cell while another is charging back at camp.

Made for You - Designed to provide 1 phone charge and 1 small device daily solar power in moderately clear conditions with proper solar exposure.

The mini SunCharger is a simple tool that solves life's charging problems anywhere the sun shines. Whether you fish, hunt, camp, hike, snowmobile, BBQ or just work outdoors a mini SunCharger you'll be able to stay in the moment longer.

Additional information

Weight 1.0625 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 6 × 2 in



Ruggedly built with thermal and shock resistant materials

Multiple solar panels for strong, dependable, suncharging

Large swap-able 10,000 mAh solar powerbank

Fast Charging USB output supports multiple devices

Built in charger controller for safe operation

Light weight and weather resistant design

Illustrated guide, customer support, 1 regret free promise


Solar Panel 6 Watt 5 V Weight 12.4 oz.
Power Bank 10,000 mAh Type Li-polymer
Closed Size 6″ 3″ 1.25″
Open Size 6″ 17″ 0.75″
Materials ABS PC Canvas
Fast USB 2.1 Amp UBS input 2 A
SunCharge USB 1.0 Amp LED Light Yes

Service Statement

Sol Green Energy is not just a “commodity” supplier. We are dedicated to solar power, and have a passion for helping adventurous, hard working people add a quality solar power system to their lives.

Purchasing from Sol Green Energy means that you get access to our resources, technical support, and a 1 year warranty. Any product bearing the SunCharger name meets our standards: the best quality system available at competitive pricing.


A portion of our proceeds from sales go to provide mini SunChargers to dis-empowered veterans and the homeless; we believe in bringing power and light to those most in need.

Access to an independent power source provides a degree of security and safety, and offers a tool to get to a better place. Check out Our Story page to learn more about our mission.