Build a SunCharger Kit


Meet the powerbank perfected.

Don’t step foot on a trail again without a mini SunCharger! It is the best solar charger for backpacking, built tough, and designed for ease of use.

The mini SunCharger meets the standards for off-grid living:  3 days stored power for 2 devices or 1 phone, with enough solar panels to replenish the “load” daily.

Get the mini SunCharger or build your own complete off-grid-living system with any of our accessories for ambient lighting or universal battery charging abilities. If you add a second powerpack, you can use one on the trail while the other charges in the sun.

In the USB Accessory Bundle you’ll get:

  • 1 – USB Flashlight
  • 1 – 15′ USB String Lights
  • 1 – XTAR Universal Battery Charger

Get it all, including the best value, with our S.O.L. Survivor Pack:

  • 1 – mini SunCharger
  • 1 – USB Accessory Bundle
  • 1 – Extra Powerpack

No matter what you choose, we give the best solar experience with our complete, rugged, and dependable systems.


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Meet the best solar charger for backpacking.

The mini SunCharger is a survival tool for the 21st century. It gives you the ability to spend more time doing what you love with your own USB charging port wherever you go.

The Powerbank Perfected - It's a large capacity 10,000 mAh power bank that can recharge itself out of the clear blue sky!

Built for Real Life - Direct sun is a harsh environment, no matter how hard you try it will probably get rained or dropped on while you are on the trail. That's why we gave it a rainproof coating and a dense thermal absorbent shell.

Free Yourself - We've all been there in our travels. Searching for a place to charge up wasting our most important moments babysitting some device while we have a million other things to do. Why do that when solar power is available?

Made for You - Outdoor enthusiasts, sportsmen, and survivalists alike need lightweight and effective tools worth carrying around. Our system separates for transport. Only the 4 oz folding panel goes in your pack while you can keep the powerbank in your back pocket for on-demand charging.

Our Regret Free Guarantee - We give an illustrated curiosity guide with every mini SunCharger so you can watch it work, learn how to use it best and if you have any regrets about the purchase just contact us and we will refund your money.

Off-Grid Design:

Stores 3 days reserve power for recommended daily use

4X more solar panels. Enough to make 60% reserve a day with little effort

High-speed USB output. Easily charge 2 devices or 1 phone off-grid daily

Designed with the outdoor enthusiast in mind

Get one today and start the journey going solar at your own pace ™.


Ruggedly built with thermal and shock resistant materials

Multiple solar panels for strong, dependable, suncharging

Large swap-able 10,000 mAh solar powerbank

Fast Charging USB output supports multiple devices

Built in charger controller for safe operation

Light weight and weather resistant design

Illustrated guide, customer support, 110% regret free promise


Solar Panel 6 Watt 5 V Weight 12.4 oz.
Power Bank 10,000 mAh Type Li-polymer
Closed Size 6″ 3″ 1.25″
Open Size 6″ 17″ 0.75″
Materials ABS PC Canvas
Fast USB 2.1 Amp UBS input 2 A
SunCharge USB 1.0 Amp LED Light Yes

Service Statement

Sol Green Energy is not just a “commodity” supplier. We are dedicated to solar power, and have a passion for helping adventurous, hard working people add a quality solar power system to their lives.

Purchasing from Sol Green Energy means that you get access to our resources, technical support, and a 1 year warranty. Any product bearing the SunCharger name meets our standards: the best quality system available at competitive pricing.


A portion of our proceeds from sales go to provide mini SunChargers to dis-empowered veterans and the homeless; we believe in bringing power and light to those most in need. Access to an independent power source provides a degree of security and safety, and offers a tool to get to a better place. Check out Our Story page to learn more about our mission.