USB Accessory Bundle


USB camping gear for the best off-grid getaway experience: Camp lights, battery charger, and USB rechargeable flashlight.

We searched for the best gear to improve your solar camping experience.


  • USB flashlight
  • 15′ USB string lights
  • XTAR universal battery charger

Add this to any portable solar system for all your essential off-grid luxuries!

Solar USB Accessories you'll love!

Add this USB Accessory Bundle to any purchase to include the basic luxuries that turn any camping trip into an off-grid getaway. Your next camping experience will be better because of the colorful ambient lighting, a way to charge everything else you have (XTAR battery charger), and a powerful flashlight that never runs out of batteries.


  • USB flashlight
  • 15' USB camp lights
  • XTAR universal battery charger

USB Best Flashlight

Is it a power bank or a really bright flashlight? It’s both!

Don’t put up with a dead flashlight again with our USB rechargeable flashlight.

This little flashlight never needs new batteries. That way you won’t find yourself S.O.L. when the power goes out.

Add these solar USB accessories to any portable solar system for what we consider essential off-grid luxuries!

USB Camp Lights

Add a touch of ambiance to your home, yard, campsite, or any other favorite place with our color-changing string lights.

Remote controlled and includes the option of blinking or fade transitions.

This is next-generation build quality and USB powered.

XTAR Universal Battery Charger

The XTAR Battery Charger is a  great choice for keeping batteries charged. It also has an easy-to-read display and USB input.

In addition to keeping your batteries charged for things like flashlights, walkie talkies, and remote controls,

You can use any USB power source to recharge all those AA, AAA, and 18650 batteries.

You can find our products at these select retail locations.

Adiron Jacks, Mountainman Outdoor Supply Co, and High Peaks Cyclery

Additional information

Weight 0.875 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 6 in

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