Choosing the right location to set up solar power generator is as important as putting fuel in your car. Follow these simple rules to plug into sunshine effectively.

A core principal to remember is that the amount power made by solar panels depends on the time they spend in direct sun, square footage of the panels, and the intensity of light hitting the site.

The better spot you pick to place your solar panels, the more energy you can harvest. Use these simple tips how to place your solar panels so they generate the most energy on a daily basis.

Look around open spaces with few trees facing south, west, or east. Your goal is to get a at least 4 hours of direct sunlight, but 6-10 hours is better.

Whether on a roof, pole mounted or free standing angle your panels toward the sunny side.

While shaded your panels will only produce a fraction of the energy they can. Do whatever it takes to minimize this, within reason.

If your best location, or favorite view, isn’t perfectly south turn them southeast or southwest to catch a good view of the morning or evening sun.

There is never a situation where angling your solar panels north will work. Just don’t do it.

Weather effects solar panel performance:

Think of solar panels as a power generating sensor that makes a stronger current with the increase in light intensity. When the sun lights up the panel this signal is converted by the internal solar charge controller into the right DC signal to charge up your battery. When choosing a location the artful part is balance the aesthetic of your preferred location with best solar exposure.

As your solar power provider we recommend leaning your decisions towards solar site quality for the most power and best results.