Retail Locations

      Can’t find a store on the map? Fill out the form below and let us know where we should be.  We’d love to hear from you.  Tell us which local stores you think should have our products, and who knows?  Perhaps one day you’ll see a mini SunCharger in there.

      Trade Shows

      We’re also on the road doing various types of trade shows too.  So if you know of any gun/hunting/fishing/outdoors trade shows that we should be at, we’d be very appreciative of the tip!  Stay tuned for an events page where you can see the events we’ll already be at.

      Not sure what to look for in a solar charger?  There are many options out there. And some devices perform better for certain reasons.  Don’t just take our word for it though.  Check out this guide to buying a solar charger by REI.

      Reseller’s Information

      We offer our retail partners the opportunity to offer a high-quality system, supported by people who understand solar power, at a reasonable price.

      ·       Give your customers a whole new way to power their gear so they can work better and play longer

      ·       Work with a company that understands retail and strives to make selling easy and profitable with higher average margins

      ·       Every mini SunCharger includes an illustrated field guide so that your customers can answer their own questions after purchase

      ·       Give them a potentially life-saving device, perfectly suited for anyone who loves the outdoors

      With Sol Green Energy, you’re not only giving them the best solar charger, you’re getting a product line that adds functionality and creates up-sale opportunities:

      ·       Extra power cell

      ·       Accessory packs

      · High-quality USB accessories

      We are dedicated to giving our partners a self-contained display that simplifies the selling process for your employees:

      ·       Secured demo unit

      ·       Easily fits on any shelf

      ·       Small footprint

      ·       Benefits, features, and tips are printed on the back for quick reference

      ·       QR code links to a video that will answer all of your customer’s questions

      Bring the power of the future to your customers today.

      Check out our welcome kit options and get a complimentary hand build display with your first order.