Corona: Hysteria Won’t Solve it, but We Will

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At a time when it’s hard to look up and keep positive, I thought I would share some things we have to be proud of in this two-part blog.

Steps we took that lessened the situation irreversibly for the better. Things that cannot be taken away and have absolutely made it better than it would have been.

It may not have been perfect in hindsight, but the truly amazing thing about this new virus has been that we responded immediately on a vast level. We are taking steps to protect ourselves and each other in ways that have never been done before. People are staying home, using new tools to communicate and maintain a semblance of normal life.

All the great “end of days” stories and movies start with ignoring scientists; well look at us we’re listening!

Global Community at work: Nations are communicating with each other and learning from mistakes together.

In Greece, for example, when schools were closed everyone gathered in the cafes – so they had to close cafes. Then people gathered at the beaches, so they too had to be closed.

Moving gatherings from ‘inside to out’ was not the way to stay free from contagion. By learning from example, officials here are going ahead and closing the bars and cafes. [1]

At the moment, our parks are kept open because we know some fresh air is needed for mental and physical well-being. If people respect the parks, they will continue to remain open. By being polite, but separate, we are both helping ourselves and the other people around us. Fresh air and sunshine will do wonders both for your spirit and your general health.

We’ve identified who needs the most protections: We as a society are acting as a group to minimize our exposure. Access to retirement communities is restricted now, to reduce the risk of infecting the people who need the most protection.

The reason for the restriction is not just because of your own personal state of health; everyone you encounter or interact with within a day is a source of exposure, as is everyone each of THOSE people has encountered. While most of us do not think in these terms on a regular basis, it is an important consideration for our vulnerable citizens. This awareness could lead to reintroducing the idea of “honoring the elders”. [2]

Our elders have lived life, learned human nature, and have seen times when people didn’t need to learn to “live green” because they had a culture of reusing everything. They prepared bulk foods, canned their own produce, and rationed because they knew life had ups and downs to prepare for. Elders have wisdom. To deny their advice is a form of arrogance that will only make life more difficult. Trust me, I know.

Unity is starting to take root: We are all in this together. For the first time since 2016, Left and Right political tribes are “giving credit where credit is due”. When someone of the other party takes good action or responds well, it is starting to be acknowledged. That is what we need all around. Perhaps being home and online people will discover how many of their friends are in the other camp and start having real discussions. [3]

At heart we all want the same things: We can agree on 70% of the issues if we listen to what someone is trying to say instead of reacting to what we think they are saying. Perhaps the quarantine time will create those much-needed conversations. If only 10-20% of the issues really divide us, it’s time we stop focusing on those things and start working together from common ground. True unity doesn’t exclude people you disagree with, it means finding commonalities and holding on to them despite differences.

Cooperating to make a common dream come true is what makes us human and without this humanity doesn’t exist. From forming businesses to starting bands and overcoming threats, like this virus, we always do our best together.

Let’s not get scared because of the things we haven’t done, or complacent about the things we have. We are all right where we’re supposed to be, and concerns about what hasn’t been done yet are really just your brain telling you what to do next. So, let’s just breathe and keep going.

We’re doing great, now let’s do even better.

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