Soft White USB Camp Lights


Add this simple low power lighting solution to your kit and make stumbling around camp at night a thing of the past, with style.

Our USB powered string lights provide relaxing area lighting that will improve your outdoor experience in surprising ways.

Quick and easy to set up, lightweight and universally powered with a SunCharger or any USB power source.

200 in stock


Bring ambience to camp with these soft white USB powered camp lights.

These are just the right size to be easy to set up and break down in no time. Enjoy the soft white glow inside and outside your tent. Spot camp from a distance and spot obstacles around the fire. Nighttime cooking can actually be easy with this simple, low power, outdoor lighting solution.


  •  Beautifully illuminate your base camp with 50 high-efficiency LEDs
  • 15 ft. strand length for easy set up
  •  Plug into the sun and go solar with a mini SunCharger and experience the night without a headlamp
  •  350 lumens of adjustable light with 8 brightness settings allow for energy conservation and versatility
  •  6 different modes, including: solid light, fade in/out, strobe, flash and a fire-crackle setting
  •  Low power draw (less than 1–5W) for energy efficiency
  •  Compatible with any 5V USB power source
  •  Light, pack-able design weighs less than 1 oz. and fits in your pocket
  •  IP65 rated to withstand rain and dust

These are just the right length to make it easy to unfurl without requiring constant untangling. Length is generous to cover a decent sized space like a picnic table or front face of your tent.

Bright enough to keep headlamps off while doing chores and avoid these mood altering moments when you shine your headlamp in you trail mates face!

Get ambiance that will be loved by all with a simple and fun addition to your backpacking or camping trip.


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