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To be the best solar solution for device charging while camping or hiking we a modular upgradable solar pack. You can build your own or choose from our bundle offers.

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Get the best solar charger for camping, hiking and emergencies today!

What makes it the best? Well for starters it works. Unlike so many out there, this system was created by solar engineers to provide portable device charging for one person, daily. Check out more information about this solar charger made for people who love the outdoors.

USB Accessories:

  • Soft White USB Camp Lights
  • Tiny Backpack
  • Solar Keychain Flashlight
  • Electric Safety Lighter
  • MultiMagic USB Cable

Complete Solar Charger Kits:

Got something more powerful in mind? Check out our outlet power series Freeloaders!

Relax and recharge while as you power yourself in the great outdoors: never miss the perfect picture, waste time looking for an outlet, or lose your trail map again.

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