Sustainability has to start somewhere.

Seems like nobody can agree these days and that so many are overwhelmed with fear of what might happen years from now if we don’t change our ways.

As a sustainability guy whose been at it since 2005 I sympathize with the feelings of impending doom, but we really should celebrate the amazing changes we have accomplished and look to the future with the excitement it deserves. In the wise words of Douglas Adams “Don’t Panic”.

In the ’70s cities burned trash in massive cauldrons that emitted corrosive ash into nearby parks and towns. In the ’80s people used to use their car window as a trash can. By the 90’s we recycled. Now you can’t go far without seeing a wind or solar farm.

Today everyone is aware that we are a part of nature and we should do whatever we can to minimize our impact. Oil companies are becoming world leaders in biofuel research, yes I said it, oil companies. We have to face the truth: reality is better than our nightmares let us believe.

The fact is rural farmers and conservatives have adopted these ideas too because self-reliance and making use of waste makes sense. I have a friend who builds biomass converters and makes a living of it, his primary customers are deep in farm country. When we start to see that we are all in this together the fear gets replaced by joy if you let it.

If all we do is focus on the big problem the little solutions right under our nose pass us by. On that note real change must start somewhere.

That’s what makes our mini SunCharger so great. It makes sense. It’s the first step towards a solution that is right under our nose.

Everyone has a phone these days. Like it or not, they are really useful and if you were ever in an emergency having it charged could save your life.

With the mini SunCharger, you can not only keep it charged whenever you need it, but you can also keep all USB devices charged wherever you go.

That means that on your next outdoor adventure or vacation you can stay by the pool longer or spend all your time hiking, taking pictures, and not have to wait around charging your phone. Reluctantly, perhaps, you may want to keep that thing charged…just in case you need it.

So check out the mini SunCharger at our website If you buy one or not please remember to celebrate our successes this year; as we move together toward a safer, friendlier, and the more natural world!