Solar power for the great outdoors

Find the BEST Solar Charger for your Next Outdoor Adventure

You have a collection of the best gear and a passion for what you do. When it comes to finding the perfect solar charger, it’s important to match the right system to your particular outdoor activity.

Here we set out a guide to do just that; we have matched our three main solar kits to the most common uses and needs. We made this guide as quick and easy to use as we could.

Sol mini SunCharger perfect solar charger for Hiking

Hiker overlooking the canyon with mini SunCharger in his day pack Hiker overlooking the canyon with mini SunCharger in his day pack
Sol mini SunCharger perfect solar charger for Hiking

Day Trippers: If your outdoor experiences are generally one-day trips, the right solar charger should be something simple you can throw in your day-pack.

Whether your quest is a good view or a great catch, the idea is the same: having a USB solar-power system on hand could save the day after you have used up your phone battery on photographs, and have to check-in or load up a map to get home.

Choose the Essential mini SunCharger if you’re likely to end up back home at the end of a typical one-day outdoor adventure:

  • Hiking
  • Fishing
  • Hunting
  • Mountain Biking
  • Coasteering
  • Horseback Riding
  • Sailing
  • Waterfront / Beach-going
Check out this system: Essential mini SunCharger
Sol mini SunCharger Pro Dual Battery Solar Charger ideal choice for Camping

Weekend Warriors: If you find yourself more in the “not all who wander are lost” category and like to leave the world behind you for several days, then you will likely want a more comprehensive USB power system.

If you like to set up a base camp and then go out on trips from there, then add the mini SunCharger Pro to your list of essential gear. With a two-battery system, you will always have a lightweight, durable power bank on yourself and a fresh power bank charged up when you get back to your home away from home.

mini SunCharger Pro is the Best Solar Charger for:

  • Backpacking
  • Camping
  • Rock Climbing
  • Trail running
  • Canoeing
  • Kayaking
Check out this system: mini SunCharger Pro
Solar power is a great companion for any camping trip

Glory Seekers: Whether camping is your way to budget luxury and adventure into your life, or your passion for adventure knows no limits, you might as well go for the deluxe solar charger package to get all we offer in one convenient bundle. This kit includes the dual-battery system of the pro, plus all our accessories, to give you a complete package of everything you’d want to enhance your off-grid experience. With the deluxe package, ambiance and security go hand-in-hand.

The ideal choice for:

  • Glampers
  • Festival Goers
  • Pilots
  • Boaters
  • Road Trippers
Sol Survivor Deluxe Kit is the only solar survival kit with end-use in mind

Survivors: If being prepared for anything is what matters most to you, there is no other solar charger on the market as thought out as our Sol Survivor Kit. Not only is the solar charger itself designed to work effectively and replenish its reserves on a daily basis, but it is also rugged enough to withstand inclement weather and heat. Our Sol Survivor Kit also includes high-quality accessories focused on using that system.

Without a doubt, the Deluxe Survivor Kit is the best solar charger for the smartest preppers’ bug out bag no matter what the situation:

  • Zombies
  • Aliens
  • Robots
  • Economic Collapse
  • Alaskan Vacation
Glampers and Survivalists agree on this system: Deluxe Survivor

As you may see, the mini SunCharger more than just the best solar charger for backpackers. We hope this guide helped you make an accurate and informed decision to choose the right system for you, and find what you were looking for in under 3 minutes.

So tell us what do you like to do? Did our system match right in your opinion?